5 Basic Social Media SEO Principles To Help Grow Your Business

Did you know? Social media channels are search engines now, too. People don't just go to Google anymore to find what they need. Personally, I hit Facebook and Instagram first to see what kind of presence a business has, how their channels are branded, and what types of interaction and traction they receive from followers before I visit their website. If, in that search, I have trouble finding them or their channels are stagnant digital ghost towns that aren’t up to date then, I move on.These days, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] doesn't just include traditional search engines like Google, it includes SOCIAL search engines like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube too AND this greatly impacts business.

  • This is why those consistent updates you make to your social media channels are important.

  • This is why the effort you put in to curate content of quality is important.

  • This is why being on social media is important.

Here are 5 basic social media SEO principles to keep in mind for your social networks that will strengthen your brand’s digital presence and grow your business:

1. Make sure all of your social media usernames/handles are the same and are an appropriate reflection of your business. This should be your business title or, if you are your business, this should be your name. For example, my username across all of my channels is my brand name @lizmuroskimedia.

2. Make sure your identifier text [short description profile bio] is consistent and up to date across all of your social media channels AND includes keywords related to your industry. For example, my short bio is my tagline, which also appears on the homepage of my website:  Online Marketing + Social Media Strategy. I teach small biz owners how to effectively market their brands and conquer exponential growth without breaking the bank.

3. Include vanity URLs [a unique web address that is branded for marketing purposes] or a link to your homepage in the identifier text of all of your profiles.4. Use unique (and hyper-specific) hashtags in your posts that you know your target market uses versus broad industry keywords. This will increase the likelihood that you'll be found in search by the right people.5. Show up consistently by sticking to a regular posting schedule and interact with your audience.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to social media. People are committing and confiding in it now more than ever, which is why it’s imperative that your business’s social media channels are the absolute strongest they can be.

If you’re just starting out and are looking for more helpful guidance that won’t overwhelm the heck out of you, check out this popular post of mine on how to best navigate the social media landscape for your business.