On Taking the Leap


I look at this picture and realize just how long I’ve wanted to create something of my own in this life.Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to make stuff and excite people in the process. From…making and selling my own lemonade to my own hand sewn pillows, and self-bound storybooks, to helping my grandmother in her boutique [pictured] and my grandfather sell his tomatoes, to starting my first blog turned music venture, to turning a hobby into a public forum with my business Burn Breathe Be, to turning a passion into reality with this company. I have always aspired to find success through my own endeavors and doing so has made me the best version of myself.

My entrepreneurial nature mostly stems from being brought up by a family of business owners and good people who have always encouraged me to shoot beyond the moon. However, if I could pinpoint one specific experience that ignited this fire within me then I SWEAR it was that damn first grade science experiment. We had to transport a cup across a fish tank full of water and were provided magnets, rubber bands and paper clips [no partners allowed]. I remember staring at that cup with so much fear in my heart - that I’d be the only dummy who couldn’t make it work.

We had one hour.

I sat there staring at that cup and those stupid magnets and all the other kids making awesome skyscrapers with all their supplies.

Still, I stared.

Time was up and surprise! This fun little project was actually a competition. “We’re going to RACE our cups using both sides of the fish tank. Please form two lines.” Quickly, I found my way to the back of the line - THE SAFE ZONE. But, the funny thing about the safe zone is that it’s only safe for so long.Kid after kid, cup after cup. It finally came down to me and Blake. He had his contraption all built and ready to go. I did not. I stood there holding all the supplies in my hands ready to give up but, I knew I had no choice but to MOVE THAT DAMN CUP ACROSS THE FISH TANK. That’s when I realized...I didn’t have to use all the supplies, they were just given to me as options. “What if I just use the magnets?” I thought. This, my friends, was the day I learned the power of risk taking.

In a panic, I placed that little, plastic, ice cream cup, in all its beautiful empty glory at the starting side of the fish tank and dropped one of the magnets into its center.

Are you ready?! Go in 3, 2, 1…

Looking down at the other magnet in my hand, I placed it on the outside of the fish tank, adjacent to my magnet cup. I felt a weird resistance between them but, HOLY CRAP, when I moved them beside one another, my cup cruised so fast along that fish tank, while other cups sank. As it turned out, I knew the right move to make the whole time.

That was the day I took my first leap of faith.

In 2017, I took my second. I left my job in the corporate world and an awesome one as Marketing Director for the PGA of America. I've finally decided to take my leap to full-time, self-employment with my company. Yep, you heard that right. I'm leaving my high-paying role with one of the most prestigious organizations in the world so that I can go out on my own and pursue my passion to be a creator on my own terms.  So, it is with A HUGE AMOUNT OF EXCITEMENT that I announce that I have decided to turn my longtime side-hustle into a full-time, full-blown adventure into the unpredictable universe that is self-employment as a personal branding and digital marketing coach for entrepreneurs.

I am finally going out on my own, with my own business, in a way that allows me to best utilize my skills to help others.

Up until last week, I’ve lived my whole life on the safe side. Every move a carefully calculated strategy to remain comfortable. Believe me, I am blessed beyond belief to be so fortunate BUT, there’s just one hiccup: Living this way cast a big ol’ shadow over the spirit of the girl you see in that picture, to a point where she was no longer inspired, no longer challenged, no longer excited, no longer learning, no longer thriving, no longer strong. Living a life fueled by anxiety and depression instead of a life fueled by passion.

Last week, I remembered the magnet cup. A couple days ago, I found this photo. I kid you not. There was a reason I told you that story just like there is a reason that I remember that first grade experiment like it was yesterday. God left me that memory as a reminder and decided to share it with me when I needed it most.

"Life is full of options but, remember your magnet cup and how good it felt to go for it that day."

This all seems dramatic and drawn out. I, myself, am so exhausted from having to explain myself over and over again. Except, I share this today in hopes that my leap inspires others to stick up for themselves and what they love, to do what they really want to do despite the what-ifs and the anxiety and the pressure and the competing points of view.

A good friend of mine once said, “Never, ever, ever let yourself continue to sit in any situation that does not breathe life into you, that does not motivate you, that does not keep you engaged, or that does not inspire you...Don’t stew or wait for someone to make the right decision for you. Take. The. Friggen. Leap.”

Here, my friends, is to taking the friggen leap!

Follow your heart.

Take the leap.

Embrace the beautiful struggle.

Remember the magnet cup.

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