My #1 productivity hack

Let me ask you this:

Would you rather...

✔️ take your time to strategically complete one thing REALLY FREAKIN' WELL + make real progress


🚨 half ass #allthethings until, eventually, something gets done, but then realize you have to take yet another trip to do-over-land.

Approach is everything.

Often times, there are a million solutions to a problem, especially when it comes to growing a business. When brands work with me, they succeed because they don't learn how to do "all the things" and then wait to see what sticks. They learn how to strategically approach one challenge at a time head on and then successfully overcome it so they're consistently making productive progress.

My mission in sharing this with you, is to remind you to take one step forward today so you don't have to take two steps back tomorrow. For years this has been my #1 productivity hack. I know how it can feel impossible to get one task accomplished when ambition is perched comfortably on your shoulder. Drive is good, setting your goals high is good, but the constant chirping of that ambition can make it hard to focus. Remember, compounded action overtime creates continued momentum. You CAN live your dream, just take it one step at a time.

What ONE thing will you achieve for your business this week?

Share in the comments. Let's get the conversation started!


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