Facebook isn't "dead." Here's what's really happening and what it means for your business

“Facebook is dead.” It’s been brought up in conversation after conversation online and off.

Unfortunately, it’s a big ol’ lie. While you may be hearing alot of chatter from friends and followers like “Facebook is useless, I’m deleting it” or “I’m done with Facebook” the translation between users saying and actually doing is incredibly inconsistent.

No one is giving up and Facebook isn’t dying. Actually, it’s freakin’ flourishing.

The number of active users on Facebook is CLIMBING BY THE MILLIONS as of January 2019. This is so not the time to start disregarding the OG social media network that sparked this lil marketing journey of yours. It may be the oldest network, but it’s not losing its cred anytime soon.

social media statistics 2019

social media statistics 2019

What does this mean for you?

You could be missing easy marketing opportunities for your business.

What should you do?

1. Be findable! Maintain an active presence on The Big Four social media networks: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest AND Facebook. Then….

2. Pay close attention to YOUR numbers, not the overall standard statistics. Each week, if not daily, sift through your analytics by social media platform to help you determine the following:

  • Where is my online community most active?

  • When are they online and interacting with my content?

  • What content resonates with them most and why?

Then, adjust and focus your social media marketing efforts from there. Your audience may be more active on the ol’ “dying” Facebook than you realize, which means ramping up your content efforts in that space instead of pulling back. Even if your following isn’t as active on Facebook, clearly there is still potential to grow your brand in this space. Don’t let your profiles grow stagnant and stale - there is still plenty of opportunity in Zuckland!

What’s the point?

The quickest way to kill brand visibility is marketing based on assumption.

Speaking to YOUR audience, instead of to every audience is the first step toward successful marketing. Your mission as a business owner is not to sell, but to serve your customer wherever they are with content that adds value. To do that, you have to know them and you have to go to them.

Your social media data is so incredibly valuable and it’s right at your fingertips and ready to access for free. Not only does it allow you to be more strategic with your marketing, it helps you reach more of the right people, more often. It’s truly one of the many launch points to working smarter, not harder with your business and, who doesn’t want that?!

Is there something you’re seriously struggling with on social? Tell me about it below .

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Your business needs Facebook - here's why.

Your business needs Facebook - here's why.