My brand is evolving


You're gonna be seeing a heckuva lot more of this letter soon and no, not because it's February and I'm trying to be cute.

I'm tying the knot this June [woo!] and with that comes a whole lot of transitioning, including a name change. The question "What's going to happen to "Liz Muroski Media?!" has come up alot lately from family, friends, clients + mentors. And, the answer is this:

My brand will evolve with me.

Over the next few months, you'll start to notice subtle changes taking shape in my brand identity [like the shifting of social handles, color schemes, my logo, website, etc.] as I transition my brand to best align with me on a personal and professional level as Liz Fleming.

The big FYI here is that my brand will remain housed under my name vs a catchy company name for quite a few reasons. #1 being that, as a multi-passionate creator, I can't say that I'll be just a brand + marketing strategist forever and I need to maintain fluidity with the presence I've built up over more than a decade so that it can continue to grow with me, even if I become a novelist, botanist, or pro axe-thrower someday.

Regardless of my "what" this brand will move with me, as me, because of my "why."

Want to know how your personal brand could spur a boatload of business?

In terms of content - terrible puns, light-hearted inspo, wild experiences, helpful tips, tearjerkers and all? Well, that part of me, the internal bits that really make my brand what it is, will never change so, stay tuned!

I'm beyond stoked to embark on this exciting new journey with you. It's about to get realer than REAL and I'll keep you briefed every step of the way so, no matter what, you'll always know where to find me and my bad jokes.


The [soon to be] Liz Fleming

Now on social media as @mslizfleming