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The other day I went to get my wedding dress tailored [YAY!]. While I was getting fitted, measured, and pinned I got to talking with the seamstress. She asked me a question that I don't get very often. Not the standard "What do you do?" but "What do you LOVE about what you do?" After sharing a big grin I said, without hesitation:

With a big grin I told her this:

Helping people share their stories. Marketing tends to carry a negative connotation. That it’s salesy and sleazy, and it definitely can be….if you’re doing it WRONG. I love showing people that it doesn't have to be that way. That you can succeed simply by being transparent, honest, and real.

Bad marketing is about selling with sleaze by making depth-less asks over and over and over.

Great marketing is about evoking emotion that inspires action by telling true stories over and over and over.

So, the next time you sit down to write out posts for your social media platforms, blog or email, don’t think about selling with sleaze, think about sharing your story. Talk about your experiences as a means to humanize your brand, relate to your audience, and engage them. Create an experience and help them feel like they’re apart of something REAL. Here’s how:


Use impactful, clear, visuals [like photo and video] with carefully curated story-focused copy to emphasize your struggles, victories, failures, accomplishments, observations, laughs, tears, heartache, gratitude. Be raw, be honest, be real, but share content in the context of your reader's life because, while your story may be about you, it's FOR them.

Remember, you are your greatest superpower. It's okay and it's NECESSARY to live your truth so, get out there and get sharing as the beautiful, brilliant being you are.

Tell your story.

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