Small Town Social Turns A Year Old!


When I moved to Pinehurst a year ago, I knew absolutely no one except for Sean + our little angel bear, Gryffin. Taking my leap of faith out of the corporate world into full-time solopreneurship felt more like a free fall. But, to succeed personally + professionally, I knew I had to network my hiney off. Plus, I really needed friends. #hermit

So, I made it my mission to immerse myself in my new community + start a mastermind group. First, I met local jerky slinger + all around awesome chick, Aimee + we quickly became friends. Then, I met Joanne, an extremely talented local artist. With their help putting out feelers around town + a bit of marketing magic, I was able to host my first meeting in a matter of weeks.


So, what's the big deal? Well, as it turns out, that very meeting of mine [aka this photo] was when me + 3 other strangers, Hollie, Lisa + Jessica brought The Small Town Social to life.šŸ’”

Today, Small Town Social, a free local networking group consciously connecting women from all walks of life throughout Moore County North Carolina, turns š—¼š—»š—² š˜†š—²š—®š—æ š—¼š—¹š—±. Somehow, in the span of just 365 days, we managed to host enough monthly meetups at venues across town like The Wine Cellar, R.Riveter Bags, and Southern Pines Growler Company to grow our group to over 200 women!

Our mission from the beginning was simple: to make every face at First Friday or the Farmer's Market a familiar one, to go on more walks in the park with a buddy instead of alone + to have someone to call when you need that glass of wine on a Tuesday.

YOU GUYS, Iā€™m teary eyed writing this post. This group means so much to me + I'm so thankful to have met these ladies + all the wonderful women who continue to support this thing.

šŸŽ‰ If you want to celebrate with us, we'll be dressed up + enjoying desserts + drinks at The Wine Cellar TONIGHT from 6-8pm. šŸŽ‰ As always, all ya gotta do is show up - fly solo or with a friend, either way, you'll be glad you did.


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