Spring is here! How to keep your marketing fresh.


Spring is here! Well, according to the calendar it is and, in the marketing world, cleaning house is more about maintaining mental clarity than going all Marie Kondo on your closet.

Seasonality is everything when it comes to marketing and now is the time to consider what opportunities the new season presents for your brand AND evolve your messaging as it pertains to your goals. Remember, seasonal marketing doesn't mean posting all about the actual season of spring, it's about finding authentic ways to help your audience progress on their journey through communications that are relevant to your brand in its current state. That means considering your industry too.

For example, for a local gardening business, spring is prime time to help customers prepare for a successful growing season. Their content should provide value through topics like what to do following the last frost or how to get indoor seedlings ready for the outdoors, etc.

For a wedding photographer whose high seasons are summer and fall, it's prime time to prospect and excite potential clients on longer lead times, like booking out for 2020.

For a non-profit organization whose high season is quarter four, it's a bit early to promote end of year giving, but it's prime time to begin planning campaigns and priming your audience for those unique support opportunities that come later in the year.

What can you do right now?

  • Quarter 1 is ending soon. On March 31 to be exact, so now is a GREAT time to reflect and take a picture of your progress. What marketing actions did you take to further your exposure as it pertains to your brand's key season? What has been successful in the past and why?

  • Quarter 2 is starting soon. Prepare yourself and your customers for the next three months by keeping the big picture in mind. What efforts will have the best impact on your business right now? What can you do to strengthen the marketing actions you've already taken so they present higher return for you as you move forward? What is really working for your audience? What should you start preparing them for?

While spring is about to be springing, be mindful of the attributes that make your brand a business. When are you most profitable? Why? Who is your audience? Where are they and when are they?

Even in the off-season, you should always be ON it.

Educate your audience no matter the time of year and consistently supply them with added value that helps them progress on their journey, but keep it relevant to what you do. Remember, when your customer's needs are at the forefront of all the content you create, your marketing will always be fresh.

When is your key season for business?

Share in the comments! I'd love to connect with you.

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