New webinars, workshops and freebies - oh my!

Sweet mother of pearl. It’s April already and may I just say...

There is so much about to go down for you so, this week, I’m giving you a rundown of what’s comin atcha so you don’t miss a dang thang.

Webinars on webinars. My new online training program, Brand in Bloom™launches later this month and, to celebrate the launch, I’m hosting a series of free LIVE masterclasses over the next few weeks. If you want in, stay tuned, the schedule will be sent soon - I just need to make super sure the hosting software rocks first.

Workshops on workshops. For those of you in or around Pinehurst, NC, be sure to pop by Sandhills Community College next Tuesday! This time next week (April 9 at 9AM) I’ll be keynoting the 2019 Entrepreneurial Summit and chatting all about the exact 4-E Formula™ I developed over a decade and now use to 10x visibility for my personal brand both on and offline. Check out this article in The Pilot Newspaper for more details and to register for FREE. Following April 9, I’ll be hosting a couple interactive workshops around town (and, for my non-Moore County peeps, there will be virtual opps too!).

Resources on resources. I have a new guide in the works and I want you to have it totally free of charge. It covers a technique that I get questions on all.the.time. from followers, friends, and clients: How to write a killer bio that turns heads AND converts clicks to customers. My five hacks can be in your inbox soon, sparky - join hundreds of others already inside and hop in here. Just putting on the final touches so it’s as value-packed as possible for ya.

Real quick on collaborations (because I’ve been getting messaged about this alot). If you have an awesome idea that you want to get out into the world, PUHLEASE email me at info [at] lizmuroskimedia [dot] com and tell me about it. I am always open to collaborations and partnerships, if I feel what you have to offer is a healthy, natural fit that adds value to my community. I’m talking social media giveaways, webinars, guest blogging, freebie exchanges. Let me know what’s on your mind and maybe there’ll be a chance for us to shine a light on it together. So far, I’ve collaborated with Launch Brand Grow and a few of it’s awesome members to help share their ideas on a wider scale. YOU can be a part of something like this too...with me! Creating community is what this thing is all about so, let’s see what we can do together.

Friend, this is the month, the YEAR, of taking massively imperfect action. While the sparkle of the New Year may have gone full-dull at this point, I want you to know that you’re still shining bright.

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