The #1 marketing myth I will ALWAYS bus

I need to get REAL about something this week because I’ of hearing this myth:

You have to portray perfection in order to be successful online.


And, while I’m at it, I’ll bust another: You have to have thousands of followers to get noticed and make money.


Oh! And, one more: You have to spend insane amounts of $$$$$ to market yourself well online.


The truth? You can be your awesome imperfect self and grow a business online using a plethora of FREE techniques! I’ve done it for years.

As a professional, it bums me out that people feel like they have to change themselves in order to brand and market themselves well online. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean your presence can’t look polished or that you can’t go the extra mile to make your profiles pop but, if that’s not you or you’re not there yet, then don’t force it. Don’t let lack of perfection hold you back.

Perfection is not a thing. It will never be a thing. It’s unnatural and it’s unnecessary, especially in marketing.

People want real. That means your content doesn’t have to look a certain way, it has to FEEL a certain way. People don’t need help understanding, they need to FEEL understood. They like and prefer connecting and consuming information from actual people.

As an entrepreneur, that means this is your time to shine!

I’m going all #seriousface on you today for one reason: I want what’s best for you. For far too long I let my fear of failure take the reins. My anxiety made me constantly compare myself to others who seemed perfect in business and it made me doubt my abilities. I learned how ruthless the internet can be and how much harder it is to be successful if you’re constantly striving for perfection and playing that comparison game. Only once you hold your own and embrace your qualities will you start to see the web work for you, not against you.

The Bloom this week is a reminder that no one and nothing is perfect. Luckily, us diy-ers can use that to our advantage now more than ever. Our consumers crave community. Community comes as a result of you sharing your true stories and others reciprocating (*wink* that’s how you attract loyals AKA those who come to you and return to you to fulfill a need AKA those who want to give you their money occasion after occasion).

I could go on about this forever, but I’m going to cut it short. If you want specific professional strategies for standing out online as an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, or small business owner, come get your learn on with me in this training.

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