How to stand out in a saturated market

From the moment you were born, you were given a gift: your imagination. This magical thing in your brain that lets you think wild n’ crazy amazing thoughts and, you can take action on them, if you so well please.

As kiddos, that’s easy. As adults, we lose those little beams of light that tell us we can do whatever we want, be whoever we want, create whatever we want. Our imagination doesn’t seem to stay with us as much because we start to focus so much on how to grow up the right way instead of our way, the way the Universe intended.

Why does this matter to you as an entrepreneur?

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No one is a carbon copy of you and there is SO MUCH influence that comes along with that. Just think of all the ways you can possibly engage an audience and get them to buy from you - holy shmoke and a pancake!!

I totally get the overwhelm that comes with talking about yourself all the time to try and grow your business and make a buck. I’ve been there. The hole you get stuck in that makes you feel less than whole? Been there too.

Here’s my secret.... Your imagination will set you free.

No, I’m not huffing incense over here. People are afraid to show all of themselves but, the truth is, when you let that big, beautiful beast of an imagination run wild, it takes you places. It takes your further faster. It takes you where you’re meant to be. It makes you who you’re happy being, doing what you’re happy doing and shaking the money trees along the way because no one does the thing like YOU do the thing.

Your imagination breeds creativity. It encourages you to create what you want to create, write what you want to write, say what you want to say, sell what you want to sell and, in doing so, it reminds people that there’s a person behind the logo, the website, or the storefront. The bliss of all this is that you can use the momentum that comes from that creating to propel yourself forward with your personal brand.

That’s how you stick out in a saturated market. As you. Wild n’ crazy creations and all.

It’s easy to play the comparison game and let fear, doubt, and anger sneak up and scare your beautiful beast back into its hole. I did it all the time, to the point where I had to limit my Instagram intake and….I’M A DIGITAL MARKETER. Then, on the brink of turning 30, I remembered what got me here:

Imagination not imitation. My brain. My creativity. My knowledge. My curiosity. My guts. My gumption. ME.

The moment I did, everything shifted. I got selected to speak at one of the biggest conferences for female entrepreneurs in America. I raised all of my prices and landed two new clients in the process. I went full speed ahead on a new initiative with my NC-based networking group, The Small Town Social, and grew our group to 500 members. I started writing my first book and then won a free training from an author who’s going to show me how to get it published. Catch my drift?

Let your imagination do its thing so you can do yours.

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