How to succeed as an entrepreneur in today's world

"Liz, how can I be successful as an entrepreneur?"

I get asked this all the time and, I'll give you the answer but, first...

I want to know one thing:

Are you in the arena getting your ass kicked every day?

It's safe to sit on the sidelines, waiting for the perfect moment to take action.

It's easy to sit on the sidelines, wishing for success and judging others because of theirs.

How can you be successful as an entrepreneur in today's world?

You jump into the arena with the rest of us, as the very person you are. You recognize your progress, you embrace the struggle, you put up a good fight, and believe in your strength to overcome obstacles + celebrate your wins with grace.

I've seen a lot of really smart people, even some closest to me, get sucked into bench warming on the sidelines of their life. Dreaming. Waiting. Wishing. Feeling envious and hopeless before they've even tried stepping into the arena to give it their all. They *think* about doing, instead of doing.

How can you be successful as an entrepreneur in today's world?

You WORK for it, you don't wish for it.

Friend, there is NEVER going to be a right time and there are always going to be people trying to do you wrong.

The world needs YOU and who you are, and to be successful as you, you have to be accessible. You have to make yourself known. You have to go to people because they aren't going to come to you. That means putting all of you out there in that arena and going for the gold, not holding back and hoping for it.

Hope is not a strategy.

The power to succeed is in you but, if you really need help harnessing it so you can learn how to step into the arena and OWN IT like the rest of us, then step inside Brand in Bloom and I'll show you how to really kick some ass.

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