The mindset shift that skyrocketed my creativity and exploded by personal brand

You know when you think you have a good idea and then realize someone else has already done it and maybe done it better or bigger or sooner or faster?

It’s a pretty debilitating feeling, I know. I felt that way when I first started coming up with the concept for my business and the services I wanted to offer. It’s not like I invented marketing or personal branding and I’m certainly not the first one to create an online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to use both to grow their business.

What made me do it anyway?


But, it took me YEARS to learn how to find it. 10 to be exact.

I held myself back for a decade with those fearful feelings that what I was doing was not unique in anyway. Ideas would pop into my head and circulate like whirlpool waves of infinite possibility and I would just watch that tide go in and out without ever dipping one toe into the water. I’d say things to myself like:

“Well, I could do this but so and so’s already done it and they’ve been doing it for years so why should I?” 


“I’m good at this but so and so is way better - I can’t compete with that.”

I was constantly striving. Striving to be original. Striving to force some new thing that’s never been thought of before and exhausting myself in the process. Sadly, I didn’t know just how severely I was stunting my growth with this “it’s been done before” mindset.

Then, I realized the answer was in front of me my whole life. It was ME and, I realized what was hurting me was that ambiguous, incomplete, substance-less phrase: It’s been done.

So, one day, I stopped.

Instead of saying to myself “that’s been done before” and feeling instantly discouraged, afraid and hesitant to try anything new, I flipped the script and it changed everything. I started implementing practices that helped me expand on my ideas instead of dissolve them all because I started saying to myself:

It’s been done before but it hasn’t been done by ME.

If you’ve worked with me or you’ve seen my keynote or have followed along here as a Bloomer for a while you’ve heard me say this before: YOU are your greatest superpower. 

There’s a reason. It’s not just to fill your head up with fluff that will make you feel happy for five minutes. It’s because it’s true. The most valuable gift you have to offer this world is YOURSELF because, no matter what you think you’re selling, what you’re really offering is YOU. YOU. YOU. YOUUUU. And, until you believe it and say it to yourself over and over, you’ll be stuck in that same whirlpool wave of fear and frustration that held me back for a decade.

Don’t be that person. Don’t TRY to be another person. BE YOU.

So what if the industry is saturated!

  • The key to finding that one killer idea and getting others to love it? You.

  • The key to growing your visibility and your business? You.

  • The key to better marketing and making more money? You.

  • The key to standing out? You.

“It’s been done before but it hasn’t been done by ME.” Write it down on a slip of paper and tack it above your desk, in your shop, by your bedside, on your dashboard -  a place you will see it frequently - and remember, you are not them and you can’t beat them trying to be like them. You are you and that’s your power. Give yourself a chance.

Which, brings me to my next point....A NEW SERVICE FOR YOU!

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It may have been done before but it hasn't been done by you and THAT, my friend, is your secret to success.

If I still thought otherwise, I wouldn’t be a business owner right now. I wouldn’t be following this heart of mine and I wouldn’t be able to help you follow yours.

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