The single greatest marketing risk you can take as an entrepreneur

I was the "don't do that" kid in my family. I'd climb on the wobbly rocks, stand on the chair with the wonky leg, sit on the very end of the picnic bench without someone on the other side (classic). Every time dad would say, "Don't do that, Elisabeth" and everyyyy time I'd do it anyway, fall, flip, cry - you know the drill.

I didn't realize it then but he was teaching me how curiosity, in the right circumstance, can lead to failure or success. Me? I was just trying to find the best way to push the ol' buttons.

You stand on the chair you know is busted, it fails, you fall, it hurts, you don't do it again. You stand on the chair you know is sturdy, it holds, you keep doing it.

This is how marketing works.

You can't get more visible without risk and risk requires educated curiosity. The single greatest risk you can take to grow your business is allowing it to evolve with your audience. This means inventing new ways to educate, excite, and entice them with your messaging so that they stay stimulated and you hold their attention.

How do you make that magic happen?

Meaningful messaging. You must consciously create content of immense value for your audience. Immense value = a solution to their struggle --> solving a problem by nurturing pain points so that they continuously realize the need for you.

I dive into this topic further and share a strategy all the pros use that can produce seriously AMAZING results for you....especially if you're looking to grow the heck out of your social media following. I like to call it my "sturdy chair marketing method." You can read more about that technique in this blog post.

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?
— Erin Hanson

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