The top 5 mistakes people make with their personal brands

Ever wonder why it seems so easy for some people to get noticed online but for you it feels impossible?

Honestly, their secret is actually no-secret at all. Those people, the ones who have all the followers, likes and views? Well, they have them for a reason. They didn’t just wake up one day, create social media profiles, upload a couple cute pictures, and VOILA make millions. No, no. Their visibility flourishes day in and day out because they show up everyday to share their value with the world as THEMSELVES, with their personal brands.

Yep! Cat’s outta the bag! All those successful people you see on social media who are making it happen for themselves aren’t just “lucky.” They’re the ones who’ve paid close attention to their personal brands and who continually, carefully, and consciously put in the effort to embrace and communicate them well.

That’s all it takes.

Unfortunately, most people are doing this wrong. Very, very wrong.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that people often make with their personal brands:

MISTAKE #1: You’re in all the wrong places so you can’t find the right audience

You’re so caught up in trying to get noticed that you’re spreading yourself too thin. You can’t captivate an audience if you don’t know where to find them. To find them, you have to know who they are and where they spend their time online. Who is your ideal customer / client? What do they do? What do they like? How old are they? Where do they get their information?

MISTAKE #2: Your visuals suck so you’re not stopping the scroll enough to grab attention

No one likes dark, blurry photos or grainy videos. It looks like you put zero effort into what you do so, therefore, you must put the same amount of effort into helping others, right? Well, that’s what people think. The purpose of sharing visuals with your content is to stop the scroll and draw the reader in. If your photos are a turnoff, you best believe people will keep scrolling!

MISTAKE #3: You’re not showing up to give value so people don’t know why they need you

The more you try to “get” instead of “give” the more you’ll struggle. People aren’t going to come to you just because you’re on the internet. You must go to them. Show them your value. What problem do you solve? How?

MISTAKE #4: Your purpose is unclear so your message is confusing and hard to communicate

You have a killer background and repertoire of experiences that people need to know about. You have an amazing skill that the world needs. What is it? What is your magic? What sets you apart in your industry?

You are you and that’s your greatest superpower.

MISTAKE #5: You have zero plan so it masks your credibility and negatively affects your reputation

Without a strategy, you won’t grow. You’ll continue to scramble and play the “I know I should post, but what should I post today?” guessing game. Personal branding is about so much more than marketing yourself on social media. To be successful online your personal brand needs structure so you can amplify your authority. When you do, your visibility will flourish and, because of that increased exposure, you’ll be able to attract 100x more customers and clients.

I truly hope you’re not making any of these mistakes but, if you are, you’re in exactly the right place to turn your personal brand around and BE ONE OF THE MOST-LIKED PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET.

You’ve got the power inside you. Now, it’s time to finally take action and set yourself up for success. If this is something you struggle with, you’ll want to know my 4-E Formula™ for personal branding success - a PROVEN four-step system I designed to help entrepreneurs maximize and monetize their exposure using completely FREE techniques. It took a decade of trial and error but, because of that, I created a system that works and I’d love for you to have it!

So, tell me, what’s holding you back from sharing your value with the world and seeing amazing amounts of success? Comment below!

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The top 5 mistakes people make with their personal brands