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Imagine being sought after to speak on stage, booking out clients for months, appearing in local and national media outlets, your email overflowing with leads, your engagement exploding, and your follower counts flourishing while you’re getting sandy and sipping cocktails in St. Lucia.


Crickets? Heard ‘em. Haters? Heard them, too. Until I decided to raise my voice. The moment I started paying closer attention to how I branded and marketed myself (instead of just my business), things completely changed for me. Today, I know exactly how you can attract an audience full of all the right people, amplify your authority, skyrocket your visibility and, at the same time, grow your bank account. What’s the MUST-HAVE that will get you there?


Are you tired of feeling stuck at a stand still when it comes to growing your business? I’ve been there and, let me tell you…once I experienced the true power of my personal brand, I instantly started maximizing and monetizing my online exposure. I made connections I never thought I would and took advantage of opportunities I never thought I could. The truth is, the success of your business is a direct result of how well you do ONE THING:


Me and my personal brand are exactly how I’m able to make money doing what I love. It’s how I get asked to speak on stages across the country, get booked for podcasts, featured in the news, connected to thousands and, most importantly, it’s how I constantly and consistently grow my business.

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Hello! I’m Liz Fleming and I teach entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world how to successfully tell their stories so they can profit from their passions and live life in full bloom. I do so through my proven framework The 4-E Formula™, a four-step system I designed to help entrepreneurs organically maximize and monetize their exposure using entirely FREE techniques.

Throughout my decade long career in marketing, I’ve represented an array of both small businesses and multi-million dollar organizations like, The PGA of America, The Republic of Tea, and Walkers Shortbread and, in doing so, I’ve discovered a unique way to approach personal branding and marketing organically so that it scales growth long term. These days, there are so many ways to make the web work for you but, without a clear path, it can do just the opposite. That’s why, after all my years of trial and error, I was finally able to develop a formula for success.

There is a way to make marketing work for you without feeling overwhelmed and unworthy, and I can show you how using the exact techniques I’ve been using for years. Ones that’ve allowed me to get my clients featured by The New York Times, The Huffington Post, National Geographic, The Today Show, Oprah Magazine, and myself featured by The Rising Tide Society, CBS News, Pep Talk for Side Hustlers, The Rebel Boss Summit, and more.

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