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Elisabeth Fleming

Hi! I’m Liz (MUROSKI) FLEMING. A PERSONAL BRANDing AND digital MARKETING STRATEGIST with a passion for helping others live life in full bloom.



I’ve always loved storytelling and using my imagination to problem solve. You could say that’s why I became a marketer. You see, at the heart of it all, I’ve learned that the key to great marketing is in planting seeds of significance in the lives of others: to lean on your imagination to tell your true story well; to listen, connect, and engage with others who do the same and, I’m determined to help you plant yours.

I teach entrepreneurs how to successfully tell their stories so they can profit from their passions and live life in full bloom. I do so through my proven framework The 4-E Formula™, a four-step system I designed to help entrepreneurs organically maximize and monetize their exposure, which I share via an online training program called Brand in Bloom™ and through VIP coaching and group workshops.


And, who am i to help you?

Throughout my decade long career, I’ve represented an array of both small businesses and multi-million dollar organizations like, The PGA of America, The Republic of Tea, and Walkers Shortbread and, in doing so, I’ve discovered a unique way to approach personal branding and marketing organically so that it scales growth long term. These days, there are so many ways to make the web work for you but, without a clear path, it can do just the opposite. That’s why, after all my years of trial and error, I was finally able to develop a formula for success. A system that only teaches PROVEN techniques that I know work and make the most sense for entrepreneurs: The 4-E Formula™



Since implementing Liz’s techniques I’ve recruited two new business partners & had 430% sales growth from March 2019 to today! Thank you, Liz for inspiring me to grow, BLOOM, and dream bigger!
— Lisa M. | Self Care with Lisa
Hiring Liz was one of the BEST decisions I made for my small business.
— Natasha S. |
Liz is a high wattage bulb. You can’t miss her. She shines. Her smile. Her intelligence. The intensity and purpose with which she listens to what you need her to create and the steadfast resolve and work ethic she employs to bring it into reality.
— Cinse B. | See.Choose.Do.
Liz is amazing and a miracle worker. Take the advice of this very entertaining pro!!
— Michelle R. |
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— Rachael C. |

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Create glowing social media profiles with this FREE social media success checklist! The techniques I share in this guide help me attract engaged followers, continuously capture leads, and help my clients and students get eyes on their profiles all.the.time.

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Learn my PROVEN 4-E Formula™ to help you structure a thriving personal brand that maximizes and monetizes your exposure so you can market what you do with ease, profit from your passions longterm, + live life in full bloom!