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Signature Keynote

Brand In BlooM

Learn Liz’s proven 4-E Framework - a cumulative sequence to organically and strategically structure a thriving personal brand that sells, serves you longterm, and helps you consistently profit from your passions. This system is one Liz has carefully designed over a decade of working in the digital marketing, public relations, and personal branding arenas.

You'll learn exactly what it takes to create a thriving online presence that helps market your business and your skills as a professional. You’ll emerge feeling confident that you can eclipse the competition, spur constant growth, and truly own your zone, regardless of skill-set or level of experience in the digital world.

  • Consultation to customize the engagement for your specific audience

  • Up to 45 minutes on-stage [including Q+A]

  • Slides customized with event logo and information

  • Guests receive complimentary social media guide

Perfect for: Seasoned entrepreneurs, new and aspiring entrepreneurs, college students, young professionals, small business owners, coaches and other consultants.

Best Audience: Marketing, Personal Branding, Colleges, Conferences, Associations, Team Trainings

Results: Liz’s last keynote (with bonus interactive) attracted over 200 highly engaged attendees at Sandhills Community College Small Business Center - 2019 Entrepreneurial Summit.

Keynote can be customized to include a bonus interactive hands-on workshop where guests can implement a specific strategy from the signature talk.



Popular MINI Workshop TOPICS

Systemizing Social Media Marketing

You'll learn how to strategically systemize your social media marketing efforts using hassle-free, affordable, content planning and automation techniques. Ideal for small seminars with new and aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Other frequent workshop topics include:

  • Storyselling (Using your story to design content that turns followers into paying customers)

  • Blogging/Micro-Blogging Hacks to Scale Your Growth

  • Email Marketing - What It Is And Why Your Business Needs It

  • Public Relations Practices for Small Business

* Liz’s trainings primarily focus on organic/earned (unpaid) strategies and techniques to help entrepreneurs scale their growth.*


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