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Signature Keynote

Brand In BlooM

Learn Liz’s proven 4-E Formula™ - a cumulative sequence to organically and strategically structure a thriving personal brand that sells, serves you longterm, and helps you consistently profit from your passions. This system is one Liz has carefully designed over a decade of working in the digital marketing, public relations, and personal branding arenas.

You'll learn exactly what it takes to create a thriving online presence that helps market your business and your skills as a professional. You’ll emerge feeling confident that you can eclipse the competition, spur constant growth, and truly own your zone, regardless of skill-set or level of experience in the digital world.

  • Consultation to customize the engagement for your specific audience

  • Up to 60 minutes on-stage

  • Slides customized with event logo and information

  • Guests receive complimentary of my new book

Perfect for: Seasoned entrepreneurs, new and aspiring entrepreneurs, college students, young professionals, small business owners, coaches and other consultants.

Best Audience: Marketing, Personal Branding, Colleges, Conferences, Associations, Team Trainings

Results: Liz’s last keynote (with bonus interactive) attracted over 200 highly engaged attendees at Sandhills Community College Small Business Center - 2019 Entrepreneurial Summit. Most recently, she was asked to speak at the WomenEmpowerX Conference in Raleigh, NC.

Keynote can be customized to include a bonus interactive hands-on workshop where guests can implement a specific strategy from the signature talk.

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I attended the SCC Small Business Center Entrepreneurial Summit where Liz Fleming was the Keynote Speaker. I didn’t realize what a treat her “Brand in Bloom” techniques would be for my virtual franchise business. I am so grateful for her heartfelt help in growing my business by teaching and empowering myself and so many others. I have implemented MANY new strategies in the last 6 weeks (taught by Liz) allowing me to “level up” in my growth!! I no longer feel invisible on social media and I’ve been able to elevate my visibility using her 4-E Formula!! I’m working to continually evolve in my business. Since implementing Liz’s techniques from her keynote I have recruited two new business partners & had a 430% sales growth from March 2019 to today!!! Thank you Liz for inspiring me to GROW, BLOOM & DREAM BIGGER!!!
— Lisa M.
I so enjoyed your talk! You are so energetic and right on!
— Marilyn N.
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Liz has a tested systematic approach to personal brand and marketing strategies. Her patient demeanor further adds to the effectiveness of her information. As someone who’s sat through multiple talks from Liz, I’ve taken away a lot of valuable information that’s helped my business. Highly recommend.
— Kat P.C.
I was fortunate enough to hear Liz speak at a networking luncheon, and it was the first time that the value of personal branding was presented to me. After implementing just a few of her pieces of advice since then, it is clear that her incredible personal branding formula is the real deal and that she is passionate about her clients’ success!
— Madeline S.



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