The power of personal branding as an entrepreneur

When I was a little girl, I used to make pillows and sell them on the side of the road like lemonade. I'd pick the fabric, mom would cut and help me press flower petals on the Martha Stewart way. Then, with a needle and thread, I'd hand sew those suckers, stuff 'em, stage 'em, and sell 'em on the rock wall at the bottom of our driveway. I'd do it all in this one particular outfit that mom always raved about....


....and, for some reason, people always stopped. I don't know if it was pity or if our neighbors actually needed artisan decor from a 7 year old dressed like a fruit cake BUT that's the first time I became an entrepreneur.

I've always been the unconventional kind of do-er. When the crowd goes one way, I naturally lean the other to see what happens. While I'm no longer sewing and selling pillows on a dusty, dirt road in Vermont, that sense of wonder still lives in me. To create. To help. To excite, inspire, and stay curious. That kind of passion never leaves the soul. It sure never left mine.

Today, I'm running a big girl business of my own and that spirit of mine? Well, all this time it's encouraged me to keep taking those risks. To embrace what makes me tick and live MY truth, regardless of how "out there" I seem. My magic - that quirkiness, that courage, that shy-but-gotta-go-for-it-anyway-soul is still there and propelling me forward everyday.

While embracing who I am in entrepreneurship may make me feel like I'm wearing a not-so-cute, blue, polka dot hat in front of endless amounts of strangers all the time, it's how I thrive. In my life, I've learned that staying true to who you are as an individual is what sets you apart AND sets you up for success. When you embrace your qualities, your quirks, your stories, especially the ones that make you feel vulnerable, it keeps you rooted to who you are and allows you to bloom among others. 

After all those years, I know for a fact that showing up every day as your true self is what scales your business and leads to longterm success as an entrepreneur.

That's what I want for you.

You are wonderful in so many ways. And, me? I can show you exactly how to share that magic with the world so your success soars and you're constantly reaping all the benefits. In the grand scheme of things, we are here for but a fraction of a second and, you better believe, I plan to make DAMN WELL SURE that you leave your mark and make good money doing it - pillows, polka dots, and all.

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