A strategy ALL the pros use

When’s the last time you liked a post on social media? A few seconds ago? Yesterday? Last week?

Think on it for a second. What was it? Something funny? Something relatable? Something thought provoking? Eye catching?

The most common misconception with marketing is that everything has to look and sound fancy to attract an audience. The truth is....it actually has to FEEL a certain way to attract an audience.

People remember the mark you leave on them
. When they find someone who does that for them, who welcomes them, listens to them, nurtures them on their own personal journeys and in ways that make them feel like they’re apart of something, you build a special kind of trust that inspires action - you resonate with your people so much that they need what you have.

It’s all about how you humanize and the best way to do that is through your personal brand: shedding a light on your stories, your skills, your experiences and sharing them in someone else’s world as a means to educate and enlighten them human to human.

This is called storyselling and it's a strategy that all of the pros use. Marie Forleo, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Jenna Kutcher, Rachel Hollis - all of them.

Stories help us connect and telling them doesn’t require you to be a novelist, it requires you to be a vulnerable, honest, human. The moment you stop hiding behind your what and embrace more of your who, magical things happen. POWERFUL things. When your people see you show up as you and all that you are, it not only markets what you do but it builds trust and trust, my friend, is what makes the moolah. I’ve got proof. (More on this next week!)

So, if you’ve been getting stuck with writing your social media content, think about how you can add more depth to your content and influence with storyselling. Talk about a win, a loss, a milestone, a failure, a struggle, an observation, an accomplishment and find unique (appropriate) ways to relate that story back to the problem you solve.

Here’s an example from my Instagram and here’s another one

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 5.00.30 PM.png

I get feedback like this all the time and my engagement shoots through the roof!

Why? I share personal stories that influence my audience. I write what makes sense to me and people “Like” what makes sense to them.

So, what’s your story?

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